Detroit, MI

Preserve Industries is a unique company focused on the reuse of post-consumer, post-industrial materials to create new and functional products. With interests ranging from furniture design to urban planning, Preserve aims to create opportunity within depressed cities by providing sustainable design at an affordable price, creating jobs, and change through community based reuse projects. By operating in depressed areas and using post-consumer materials, Preserve can operate at a lower cost, and therefore, offer it’s goods at a lower price. All the while, Preserve will be saving materials from our landfills, and saving raw materials from being mined and shipped thousands of miles overseas.


Good Design for All People

Affordable Goods

Hand-crafted Goods

Sustainable Design

Maintain 90% post consumer, post industrial products

Minimize shipping by using local materials

Urban Regeneration

Create Jobs

Create new local craft economy

Community based reuse projects


In 2004, Marc Couillais and a group of students at the Illinois Institute of Technology formed a student organization known as the Preservation Society. The organization was formed with the objective to “… preserve the resources we have, prevent loss or waste of materials, and give new life to those which have been discarded.” The students, all of which were studying architecture, realized that there was a huge amount of good materials being tossed each week on the campus and took advantage by salvaging the material to use in model making and other constructions. The organization would go on to create a reuse station where students could recycle materials and find salvage to use on models as well as formulate many idea’s on how to live more sustainable.
In 2008, informed by the many successes of the Preservation Society, IIT Preservation president and founder Marc Couillais left the society to form Preserve Industries. The company aims to further the ideas generated within the organization and create a new sustainable example of enterprise in America.


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