Apartment 131 Video

February 25, 2009

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Hello everyone!  I’m excited to announce the completion of an exciting project for Preserve Industries.  Over the past 4 months, Preserve Industries has worked with 3 architecture students at the Illinois Institute of Technology to create a living space usingonly what the residence had, as well as what they could find on the street.  It was a pure project in adaptive reuse and living on a strict budget.  In the end, the students spent less than $500 to completely outfit a 12oo square foot open warehouse loft into a 3 bedroom liveable space, with character and style at that!  The students, Steven Booher, Adam Smith, and student/ Preserve founder Marc Couillais inhabited the space with aboslutely nothing but furniture from their previous homes.  Over the course of a semester, they collected materials and built their rooms out of whatever they could found around their neighborhood.  Materials range from milk crates, to canvas, to discarded micro film.  Over the next few weeks, we will review the different systems used in the project as well as leasons learned.  This simple video will give you a quick overview of what was accomplished and how the space turned out.  Rememer, this was done for less than $500!!


50 Houses: Interiors

December 16, 2008

On the 50 house interiors we aim to create a raw space, flexible and open to interpretation to allow the resident to really personalize the space and make it there own.  Nonya Grenader has a wonderful example of this idea in her Core House.

This will also reduce cost as the interior partitions can be removed, holes can be patched using remaining materials and very little finishing work will need to be completed.  The scars will act as character, telling the story of the structure and therefore provide value and comfort where they are usually seen as items to disguise and hide away.

50 Houses: Materials

September 21, 2008

Houses made out of the remnants of other houses: Tiny Texas Houses.  Everything from the 50 Houses project will be reused in a similar fashion.  Everything that comes out of a house, and isn’t rotted and totally ruined will be put back in a house someday.

Roof shingles made from fly-dumped car tires: CoLab.  We want to think creatively to find cheap, sustainable solutions to basic problems.  Here is a great example.

Still on the lookout for similar ideas…

Our first architectural project has finally made it onto the website.  The Eastern Market Live/Work Neighborhood is a proposal built out of re-purposed shipping containers for one of Detroit’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Check it out on the Architecture page!