A Framework House

February 25, 2009

A Framework House

A Framework House is a housing projected aimed to reduce waste by customization.  The idea is that if you make housing really easy to change, and you make it modular, the process of creating homes can be super streamlined, yet super personalized, creating simultaniously, a more efficient housing process and a more personal product.


50 Houses: Interiors

December 16, 2008

On the 50 house interiors we aim to create a raw space, flexible and open to interpretation to allow the resident to really personalize the space and make it there own.  Nonya Grenader has a wonderful example of this idea in her Core House.

This will also reduce cost as the interior partitions can be removed, holes can be patched using remaining materials and very little finishing work will need to be completed.  The scars will act as character, telling the story of the structure and therefore provide value and comfort where they are usually seen as items to disguise and hide away.

Hello World! We are really excited to share with you an interactive project we have initiated in the Fulton Market District of Chicago. We’ve take 3 architecture students and asked them to live in a warehouse loft for 9 months. The catch? The loft is completely open, free of partition walls and the students are only allowed to create their personal space out of found materials.

The goal of the project is to study a new form of living. A lifestyle where the users generate their own spaces using what they have and what they can find. How will they divide the space amongst themselves? How will their individual spaces change over time as they get lived in and conditions change? How do they address privacy? What materials do they find and build with? How do they use waste materials in new ways

We invite you to join us on this adventure and follow along as we take a look at each resident, their building materials, and how their user generated spaces live and adapt.

Record Wall

July 20, 2008

Records have long been outdated, being overtaken by the 8-track, the cassette tape, the CD and now the MP3. If you’re into alternative craft than it’s no secret that these 12 inch discs can be melted down and morphed to form infinite shapes, most commonly used to create decorative bowls.

Now, we’ve also noted a recent trend in wall graphics, and 3D wall tiles. Given the rising trend and the easy moldability of the outdated record, it just seemed to make sense, to create a wall solution out of the used records. We are still perfecting the idea but here are some examples.

Coming soon to our Etsy Store.

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Welcome to Preserve.TV!  This is our first episode and I must admit it’s quite rusty, but it’s a start to something we hope is great.  In this episode we discuss Zero Branding or branding your materials using only reused materials.  We hit all the basis from why to reuse to how, enjoy and be sure to tell us what you think!!

Summer Tease

July 8, 2008

Our Summer T collection has been unveiled and can now be found at our Store…Also checkout our Shirts page that talks a bit about how our shirts are made and gives an overview of the designs.

Preserve Summer Lines

July 7, 2008

Presenting Preserve Industries first official line of Clothing and Products….

Check out our Store to see what is available!

Almost There…

January 9, 2008

Hello visitor,

We’re glad you found us but, as you can see, we’re still under construction. With high hopes and a little bit of work from us, we should be up and running in no time! Check back soon!