If there is one item of clothing everyone can agree on, it’s the hoody. Every cultural subset has embraced this hooded sweatshirt from the jocks to the goths to the hipsters. Every clothing store has a version of the hooded sweatshirts ranging from the Abercrombie’s to the Armani’s. Not to mention, every high school sports team in America has their own personalized gear. Thus, it is not a surprising fact that we have an abundance of used hoodies that are disposed of after minimal use. Preserve takes these discarded hoodies and twists them into brand new pieces of clothing through the simple removal and addition of colors. As the Preserve lab learns discovers new ways to change and refresh these reused threads, new series will be unveiled. Like any clothing line, Preserve plans to release their hoodies in series and by season.
Projected Price:
Series: $22
Custom: $30

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