Furniture design is something that, like fashion, tends to repeat itself. Though there are always new ideas, and new designs, the majority of furniture manufactures are still turning out the same chairs and dressers they have been for years, except cheaper. Today, a manufacture may make 3 end-tables, identical in design, different in veneer finish, and charge 3 drastically different pieces. In the good ol days, furniture was built solid and to last 100 years and because of this fact, a lot of it is still around today. Rather than cheaply remanufacture pieces that have been around for a hundred years, Preserve Furniture aims to take the used, no longer desired furniture and update it to fit today’s aesthetics and lifestyles. However, not every piece will be altered. It is important to note that every piece has a history and a story behind it. We aim to restore this history and tell it’s story though our goal is to give new life to those pieces which have been found in unrestorable conditions.

Rumina ChairA Multi-functional cardboard chair.

TJI Shelving– Storage made out of construction waste.


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