Today we live in a consumerist society where shopping is our favorite past time, and disposable goods are all the rage. No longer do corporations build products to last, but rather to become obsolete only days after hitting our shopping carts. Practices such-as planned obsolescence has become part of our vocabulary and, seemingly, part of our lifestyle. There once was a day where things were made to last well beyond our lifetimes. Desktop lamps and fans made of steel, not flimsy plastic, simple details combining quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Because of our past ideals, many objects from decades ago still stand strong in resale shops and garage sales nationwide. Preserve Objects aims to bring these objects back into the consumer household, back into the mainstream culture, and re-establish quality as a foundation for products of the past, present, and future. In addition, Preserve looks to give objects that have become outdated a new life through repurposing them to serve a common need in today’s culture. By doing so, Preserve will prevent materials from reaching waste plants and prevent the harvest of new materials to be processed and shipped thousands of miles to consumer’s doorstep.


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